If you are having a guitar, it is important to learn how to take care of a guitar. Well-maintained instruments are always easier for you to play. Guitars made of thin woods which are easily affected by humidity and temperature. You have to keep away your guitar from humidity and temperature. If humidity increases, the moisture level of the wood increases rapidly, causing it to swell and expand.

Keep the guitar in the case

When you are not playing the guitar it should be in the gig bag or guitar’s case. Keeping your guitar in a safe place means somewhere there is no chance of a person or a pet knocking it over.

The guitar cases protect your instrument from dust, scratches, and dents. Most of the guitar cases designed to withstand a light impact, if it falls over. So it is very important to keep your guitar in a guitar case when you are not playing.

A quality padded gig bag also fine to keep your guitar. Gig bags also offer a protection from dust and scratches. You have to make an effort to protect the guitar when you take the guitar with you on the road.

Change your strings

You have to change your strings on a regularly scheduled basis. If you never changed your strings unless one broke, it is the bad maintenance of your guitar. The guitar strings lose their tarnish and elasticity as they age.

The guitar strings may don’t lost forever. But you will notice the sound of the guitar will gradually lose their brilliance. The human skin moisture also causes strings to become dirty and corrode. It affects the sound of the strings. So you have to change your guitar strings on a regularly scheduled basis.

Clean up the guitar after you play

You have shed the sweat and tears on the guitar when you practiced hard. So it is important to clean the guitar after you play. Before put the guitar into the case, you have to clean it.

The best way to clean your guitar is using warm and damp cloth. You can also use polishers and cleaners for your guitar. Choose a product that specially made for guitar. If you use the polishers on your guitar, be aware of what type of product it is. Some guitars require more attention to keep the woods in good condition.

It is also important to learn how to keep the guitar in the perfect shape.