The Google camera is one of the best photography applications because it can help to produce great images. The Google camera is an independent developer so you can install the application on your Android device compared to other camera application.

How to download the Google camera for your android device?

One of the biggest developments of the Android group in recent years because most of the people using Android devices. So they can give importance to the Google camera for android devices. A lot of Google pixels are available for taking the great photo that will come from the Google camera app. Because it has special features such as HDR quality and portrait mode that make the camera really shine look of the photo.

There is a centralized hub source to install the Google camera by using Google camera port hub. If you are the first time user you have figure out the device which has to be supported for your device and, find the application resource to create the Google camera port for your device and also you connect the variety of your android device.

The Google camera hub is a central location to activate your android devices because it is going to find the port for your device. The single Google camera hub has over connected several devices and each device have one port or more based on the device application that should work for your device. With this support of Google camera hub, you can easily access the Google camera on your android devices. This is one of the best ways to install the Google camera for android devices.

The biggest doubt has how to open the Google camera. Most probably the higher version of an android phone only supports the Google camera. First tap your device have the Google camera application. Double tap your device click the power button on your device and use the Google camera on your android device.

The main feature of Google camera for an android device has supported to take photo, video and slow-motion picture.  Don’t miss a special moment with the Google camera with the new features of Google camera specialty and take the fabulous photo for auto HDR plus quality.

Features of Google camera for android device

The main features of Google camera have fast switched for photo and video mode in your Android device. Easy access to the photo modes compared to other camera application. There is an auto HDR option to detects automatically improvise the image quality. And, the Google camera has slow motion video quality that shows really a view of images.

Requirements to install the Google camera for android device

Before you are installing the Google camera for android phones you have the Nexus phones that will be running in android version 6.0 and above. Because the above features are supported to Nexus phone only. The Google camera has available for various version and based on your Android device you have to choose the best Google camera version.