The living room is the center of your home and it the place to sit, relax, and entertain. The living room is the first place your guests see, so it is important to make your living room comfortable and decorate beautifully. Decorate your living room is not the difficult one. This article shows the basic ideas for decorating your living room.


Most of the living room ideas based on tricking the eye into making your living room area appear more spacious. Because more spacious living rooms are comfortable to live in. Decorate in the way that maximizes the space and light. You have to pay attention to how to use color and scale.

For small living rooms, sometimes traditional decoration ideas are not the best solution. Based on your living room size, you have to choose the decoration ideas.

Decorate with mirror

In small living room spaces, designers often place the mirrors make the room feel larger. The most common small living room idea is to hang the large mirror in the central location to create the focal point.

Place the mirror behind the light source or candle to reflect light and add a nice ambiance.

Mix light and dark

It can feel too clean when the living room is all white and bright. If you decorate your living room in a dark color, it feels cave. But mixing a light and dark color gives a dynamic look to your living room.


How to arrange the living room furniture is the common problem for peoples. Arranging a furniture neatly requires a little more planning. Choosing a focal point, considering traffic flow, and creating a conversation area are the important considerations to arrange the furniture in the living room.


Empty wall doesn’t make the room special. So it is important to decorate the wall with art designs. But it does not need to decorate the walls with expensive arts to create an enticing and cohesive look. What one person considers about the art is different from what other person thinks. When it comes to decorating your room with arts, the best thing is to follow your instincts.


In any room, lighting is a complex element. There are some considerations you should follow when lighting your living room. It is important to include the three steps of lighting: ambient, task, and accent. You should be placed the lighting at different levels throughout the living room.